Nourish your skin while worshiping the sun

We take Chemical-free SPF and Natural Skincare seriously

Now, more than ever, the businesses of our world must take a responsible role in the products they develop.   We are pleased to make the best all natural products available to our California-based spas, resorts and boutiques.

Good for the environment

In supplying quality, chem-free sun blocks, we are doing our part every day to treat the environment with care. Our products are expertly blended in small batches using only the finest all natural ingredients.  

In contrast, other chemical lotions and sun blocks most people use wash off into the oceans and lakes (nearly 8,000 tons of them annually). Their ingredients awaken long dormant viruses that attack the reef-building corals that thousands of species rely on for survival.

Good for the family

Why take the risk? All natural, chemical-free sun blocks are ideal for those seeking broad-spectrum protection without the irritation and rash that many chemical sunscreens can cause. Our sun blocks reflect the sun’s damaging rays rather than absorb them, and they are loaded with the same antioxidants and nutrients that you’ll find in our lotions.

We are passionate about the products we offer.


Our California Team

Tom Heath

Tom Heath
Born and raised in the “Sunshine State” of Florida, Tom proudly earned his Bachelor of Arts from The University of Florida. Go Gators!

In 1981, Tom moved to San Diego, CA, where he worked for a Fortune 100 company in the financial markets. Years later, a near-fatal staph infection motivated him to embrace a more natural way of living. His passion for the outdoors has brought him to Absolutely Natural and their all natural, biodegradable sun blocks. A fan of the product line and longtime friend of the company, he is now working with Absolutely Natural as their exclusive California wholesale distributor.

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